Under the guidance of community members Elaine and Ruby, job seekers in Tjutjuna Weena Mooga (the Ceduna Women’s Group) have been hand-crafting accessories featuring unique Aboriginal designs.  
The Women’s Group – working with the EyrePlus Business Incubator Pilot (BIP) program – recently secured approval to establish their work as an Income Generating Activity (AGI), meaning the women may produce items to sell. 
The participants are developing their trade and producing sale-ready items including hair scrunchies, covid-safe masks, and a range of additional garments. Working under the BIP has allowed the women to produce and sell items to test market acceptability, with the goal of developing more accessories to sell within the local tourist market.  
Although the activity is relatively young, it’s already demonstrating success. Repeat sales are being made, income is being distributed to participants, and most importantly, participants are more engaged in their activity than ever.  
“Elaine and Ruby as mentors are brilliant,” said Darwin Terry, EyrePlus’ Small Business Mentor. 
“These women have shown the value of engaging participants in activities of interest, and together they bring experience and wisdom of having run businesses and managing staff for many years,” Darwin said. 
Aimed at developing small business and social enterprise skills, the AGI allows participants to experience the design, manufacturing, and sale of fashion accessories and personal use items. EyrePlus is working with Tjutjuna Weena Mooga to arrange workshops for participants to learn how to screen-print onto fabrics.  
The long-term goal for Tjutjuna Weena Mooga is to produce a range of Aboriginal-themed fabrics featuring their own designs, with the current AGI the first step toward this goal.  

About the Business Incubator Program (BIP) 

The BIP is tailored towards Indigenous Australians seeking business support or personalised advice to develop and launch their business ideas.  

For more information, contact EyrePlus on 1800 960 012 or info@eyreplus.com.au