Our team bring demonstrated capacity to deliver new and improved locally-led services across the Eyre Peninsula in the Far West Region of South Australia, with a particular focus on Indigenous Australians.

We have extensive knowledge in the delivery of employment and community programs, with a wealth of experience which now includes delivering activities for the Community Development Program (CDP).

The EyrePlus ethos is simple: We walk side by side, providing all individuals within our region the opportunity to gain skills and meaningful work. At EyrePlus, we’re stronger together.

Our Vision

Inspiring our customers to shape their own futures.

Our Mission

We walk side by side, providing all individuals within our region the opportunity to gain skills and meaningful work.

Our Values

Involving participants in selecting meaningful activities whilst respecting their interests.

Cultural Diversity
Recognising and honouring the rich cultural diversity across the region and communities we serve.

Community and Economic Development
Ensuring all communities are given the opportunity for growth and investment to create a better future.

Community Engagement
Encouraging all communities to work together in a team-based approach.

Providing safe and healthy work environments for participants and their families.

Our Ownership

Far West Aboriginal Community Leadership Group

EyrePlus is partnering with the Far West Aboriginal Community Leadership Group (FWACLG) in delivering the Community Development Program who have 18+ years’ of experience in the delivery of employment and community programs. Their engagement with government in driving social reform across the region has been a unique collaboration creating opportunities for real and genuine change in the lives of our people.

In turn, this activity has also led FWACLG to actively engage with government and other partners on issues associated with the CDP, implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (and the jobs that may flow from this), remote community housing and the engagement of young people through Ranger programs and associated approaches.

FWACLG progresses the interests of our communities across the region through the representation of the CEOs/General Managers and Chairs of:


For over 20 years Asuria has been delivering outsourced human services outcomes. They serve over 15,000 customers annually and more than 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants. They bring well-established and effective operational systems for successful customer and employer engagement.

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