At EyrePlus, our ethos is simple: We walk side by side to provide individuals with the opportunity to gain skills and meaningful work.

We begin this process the moment we recruit our staff – local people with local knowledge who are ready to work collaboratively to inspire and help our customers shape their own futures.  

What we’re looking for 

We’re a diverse bunch with a variety of skills and strengths. We know that to create a better future for the next generation of Australians, we need to be flexible and adaptive in our approach to delivering services. We’re seeking people who are ready and willing to improve the lives of others.   

At EyrePlus, we’re stronger together – are you ready to join our team? 

Our Values  

Involving participants in selecting meaningful activities whilst respecting their interests. 

Cultural Diversity 
Recognising and honouring the rich cultural diversity across the region and communities we serve. 

Community and Economic Development 
Ensuring all communities are given the opportunity for growth and investment to create a better future. 

Community Engagement 
Encouraging all communities to work together in a team-based approach. 

Providing safe and healthy work environments for participants and their families.   

If you think EyrePlus might be a good fit for you, please look through our job opportunities below and get in touch.