Here at EyrePlus, we love celebrating the big wins of our participants! Recently, one of our participants, Cameron, has made the incredible achievement of gaining his learner’s license, and we want to share his story.  

Our Remote Community Pilot (RCP) and Community Development Program (CDP) teams were introduced to Cameron in August 2019, when he came in for his first appointment. An enthusiastic member of his Yalata Community, Cameron was already a familiar face to staff, so everyone was excited when he started coming for regular visits with David, Employment Consultant at EyrePlus.  

Always looking to improve, Cameron and David initially focused on his communication, providing him with the foundations to continue developing his skills. This was instrumental to giving him the best chance at achieving his license.

“Working with EyrePlus, Cameron’s communication has improved substantially.”

– David, EyrePlus Employment Consultant.  

Cameron has wanted to gain his license ever since he first started with EyrePlus, and has been enthusiastic at every step of the journey. In preparation for his Learner’s test, David collaborated with the team at On The Right Track to cover everything Cameron would need to pass, including medical clearance, paperwork and test preparation. 

On the Right Track is a service that helps First Nations people living in remote communities get their driver’s licence. Their team help with the whole process, from learning road rules and accessing lessons, right through to actually taking the Learner’s and Provisional tests. EyrePlus regularly sees participants make their next steps in learning to drive and reaching their licenses through On the Right Track. 

Just a few short weeks ago, Cameron took his Learner’s test and passed with flying colours! With this recent achievement, Cameron now has the means to learn how to drive, and is moving closer to a new independence. The team at Yalata shared that Cameron is coming into the Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation (YAAC) office daily, checking his mail in anticipation for his Learner’s License Card to arrive.   

This achievement has kickstarted his momentum to branch out to other areas of self-growth. Cameron has shown more enthusiasm in his employment duties, which include keeping the area around the YAAC office tidy and tending to the garden. He also sees his license as an opportunity to give back to his community by offering local transport to others.

“Cameron is looking forward to being able to drive around the community. I am very impressed with Cameron’s improvements and his dedication to wanting to work. With continued support from EyrePlus’ CDP and RCP teams, Cameron’s achievements will continue to grow.”

– David, EyrePlus Employment Consultant.

A big congratulations to Cameron for putting in the work to earn his license. The Yalata community and EyrePlus team are excited for Cameron and look forward to seeing him drive around town soon! 

About the Foundation Skills for Your Future Remote Community Pilot (RCP)   

RCP is a program that delivers tailored and flexible foundation English Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital literacy (LLND) skills, assessment and training that meet your local community needs and helps improve reading, writing, maths and digital skills.

About the Community Development Program (CDP)  

CDP is an Employment program for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to achieve sustainable employment outcomes by strengthening skills, addressing barriers and contributing to their communities through a range of flexible work-like activities.  

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