Samuel (aka Sammy T) first teamed up with EyrePlus as a Community Development Program (CDP) participant seeking a local job, and to date – he’s proven to be one of our most persistent and enthusiastic customers.

Sammy was always keen to attend his assigned activities and to work with proactively on local projects to make new connections, learn new skills and carry out any training opportunities to prepare him for potential work opportunities.

Sammy regularly dropped into the EyrePlus office to utilise our computers to assist with his job search. With the assistance of our staff, he learned the foundational job search skills such as updating his resume with work experience, including listing all his previously completed certificates or tickets.

Having witnessed his sheer motivation and dedication with his job search and activity participation, our recruitment team then referred Sammy to a position with a local oyster lease. His interview went rather well, and after the initial screening process, he landed himself a well-deserved job.

EyrePlus supported Sammy and his employer through our Post-Placement Support program with additional employer funding incentives provided once all criteria had been met with Sammy also completing his 26-week outcome.

While dealing with several impactful challenges, Sammy remained committed to his work, and with great pride, he is currently working full-time during these challenging times.

Sammy has every reason to be proud of himself, and EyrePlus wish him all the very best for his future.