EyrePlus recently held a training event right here in Ceduna, in conjunction with the Adelaide Business Hub, to help the community’s up-and-coming business owners improve their marketing skills.

‘Marketing Basics – Hints & Tips on How to Get the Best Results’ focused on teaching the basics of marketing, and was open to anyone with an Australian Business Number (ABN) who wanted to see their business grow. EyrePlus raised interest throughout the Ceduna area in an effort to continue to support the businesses of our wonderful community.

The workshop is connected to the Women in Business Foundations Program, which supports female business owners in building management skills and growth strategies for their small businesses.

Marketing extraordinaire Steve Davis returned to share his knowledge in the workshop ‘Marketing Basics’. The aim of the workshop was to give everyone the starting tools they would need to create strong marketing for their businesses.

The training material covered five key areas, broken down into easy-to-understand segments throughout the day. These included:

  • Buyer personas: Taking a fresh look at tailoring the ideal customer for a business.
  • Digital marketing formula: The six steps to implement for your business’ marketing.  
  • The big 5: The five essential marketing elements to include in your plans.  
  • Content ideas: How to create effective words, images, and videos for your marketing content.   
  • Promoting yourself: Actioning a simple plan to make your marketing content work for you.  

The workshop was a huge success, providing an incredible opportunity for individuals to develop their skills, and then take those skills back to their businesses to apply.

“We saw great attendance at the workshop in Ceduna. Steve’s innovative presentation style has made the course an enjoyable experience for all that attended, and we have heard so much praise from those who attended.”

– Eva Theodosiou, General Manager at EyrePlus.

We look forward to supporting the participants of this workshop and their growing businesses as they see the benefits of their new skills.