Meet John, who is one of our very first clients at EyrePlus.

Since November of last year, he’s been successfully employed in Penong at the local Roadhouse, where he drives 20km to work and spends a good eight to nine hours on his feet during his shift. 

Thankfully, EyrePlus was able to provide John with some assistance that helped cover the cost of his commute.  

In the early stages of John’s employment, his feet were causing him a great deal of pain, but with the help of EyrePlus, he was provided with comfortable and supportive footwear that complied with personal protective equipment requirements.  

A simple act of a new pair of shoes has allowed John to work 38 plus hours a week with significantly reduced pain and suffering.  

With the help of EyrePlus and the Community Development Program framework, we’re pleased to share that John has been successfully maintaining his employment and still enjoys visiting the EyrePlus office for Post-Placement Support and catching up with the team.  

He loves his job and is proud to be involved in still providing an essential service to our local community.