Here at EyrePlus, we want to introduce you to a valued member of our team. Meet David, one of our incredible Employment Consultants at EyrePlus.  

The people that know David would call him an honest and easygoing bloke that isn’t afraid to get real or have a laugh.  

In his free time, David enjoys digital photo scanning and restoration, or relaxing on the weekends and usually spends Friday nights at the chook lotto.  

But on weekdays, David commits to helping the Ceduna community and EyrePlus participants as an Employment Consultant. David was led into this line of work after speaking with our General Manager and learning about the work that our team at EyrePlus gets up to. Wanting to work in local communities, he was presented with an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.  

“For over 5 years, I have worked onsite at Yalata, travelling from Ceduna to Yalata every Sunday afternoon for an early start Monday and leaving Yalata for Ceduna at lunch time Friday. I work closely with the community in my office situated in the YAAC main Admin building and often assist YAAC staff.”

David, EyrePlus Employment Consultant.

David’s day to day to work sees him helping members of the Yalata Community to thrive through employment opportunities, training, mentoring and referrals. With no two days alike, Yalata’s peaceful environment allows David to work at his own pace and use his individuality to help others.  

In his time with EyrePlus, David shares that he has learned to be adaptable and ready to take on change, as every day brings something new. His advice for anyone looking to get into a similar line of work would be:  

“Learn to be adaptable and don’t take anything personally, people will do what they do.”

David, EyrePlus Employment Consultant.