Pictured: Tyson

Here at EyrePlus, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our community come together to help each other. Peter, the owner and operator of West Coast Autos, has done just that.  

It was just one year ago that we shared Peter’s story. As a Ceduna local, Peter had big dreams of starting his very own automotive business, West Coast Autos. He began working with EyrePlus as part of the Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs initiative, and before long had become a fully-fledged business owner.  

Peter’s story continues with us again, as he recently came back to EyrePlus to support the next generation of Ceduna mechanics. Wanting to take on a new employee, Peter connected with EyrePlus’s Job Placement Team Leader Jessica to find someone to join the team. And Jessica had just the person in mind to fill this role.  

Tyson, a local Ceduna participant who connected with EyrePlus in March 2021, was looking for an opportunity to work. When he came to EyrePlus, Tyson had limited work experience, so the team enrolled him in a work experience program through ILUKA Resources and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation (FWCAC). This training was designed to give Tyson a general skillset and solid starting point to enter a variety of manual work options, through practical learning in an experience-based environment. 

Following completion of his work experience, Tyson worked with the EyrePlus team to figure out where his goals and new skills would best be used. He raised an interest in the automotives industry, exploring the idea of working in a mechanic role. 

“From first meeting Tyson to discussing potential employment opportunities in Ceduna, it was evident that he had a passion to pursue a career in the automotives industry.”

– Jessica, EyrePlus Job Placement Team Leader. 

With Peter looking for a new trainee to take on board, the EyrePlus team introduced him to Tyson to see if their goals lined up. Peter was very happy with their meeting and saw Peter’s drive to get into work. In November 2022, Peter decided to bring Tyson on board as a Trade Assistant with West Coast Autos. 

Tyson was given additional support from Peter to settle into the role, including a full set of a personalised uniform, regular training to get familiar with his duties, and sharing any tools and equipment he may need, even from Peter’s personal collection.

Left to right: Peter (West Coast Auto Owner), Tyson, Wayne (colleague)

Tyson has mentioned that he is really enjoying what he has learnt so far. His colleagues have been assisting him on every job they receive, ranging from differentials and breaks, to repairing motor vehicle parts.

“Tyson is really enjoying what he has learnt so far. His colleagues have been assisting him on every job the business receives, ranging from differentials and breaks, to repairing motor vehicle parts.”

– Jessica, EyrePlus Job Placement Team Leader.

“Pete is always giving me different jobs to work on. Recently I’ve been able to start a job on a Heavy Rigid Truck.”

– Tyson.  

EyrePlus is committed to supporting Tyson’s employment, and has recently supplied him with an impressive new 246-piece Chicane Tool Kit. On the day the toolbox arrived in Ceduna, Tyson couldn’t contain his excitement and had assembled the tool kit by the same afternoon. He is already making a wishlist of the tools he will add next, based on what he regularly uses and borrows while working.

“I’m very happy with the progress and workmanship that Tyson has displayed. Tyson has quickly adapted to the new work environment and has shown he is a capable leader.”

– Peter, West Coast Autos.

“Tyson is always eager to excel and take on any challenges and continues to grow and learn within the team at West Coast Autos. He has become a valued member of the team that has a bright future ahead working in the automotive industry.”

– Jessica, EyrePlus Job Placement Team Leader.

The EyrePlus team loves to see our participants such as Peter come full circle to provide the support they were once given. EyrePlus are very impressed with Tyson’s achievements so far, and we’re sure there’s plenty more goals to kick in the future. Keep up the great work Tyson!