Here at EyrePlus we have some upcoming training in Ceduna, happening on the 6th March 2023.

This Social Media and Digital Marketing Workshop comes to us from Steve Davis, who has previously hosted this and is an excellent trainer. Steve is highly knowledgeable, entertaining and most importantly – wants to see you succeed!

Steve will be taking you through five key areas in this workshop, including: buyer personas, digital marketing formula, the 5 key marketing topics, content ideas, and promoting yourself.

This particular workshop is catered to anyone with an Australian Business Number (ABN) and a desire for business growth. It will be an excellent development opportunity for you personally, and your business as a whole.

The Social Media and Digital Marketing Workshop forms part of the larger Women in Business Foundations Program. Please feel free to share this with any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people with an ABN who you feel will enjoy and benefit from taking part.

This training is free to registered ABN holders who are looking for a development opportunity for themselves and their business. And there’s still spaces available!

Don’t miss out on this exciting workshop! Details are in our flyer, and the link to register is listed below:

Register today!