The Koonibba Community has recently seen some new projects, with four houses being built in the area. This meant that handy locals were needed to bring the houses together.  

Koonibba locals Richard and Peter have engaged in the Community Development Program (CDP) at Eyreplus to assist in developing their employability skills. Part of their regular contact with the EyrePlus team means that they are supported in pursuing opportunities in the area.  

A local Indigenous building company took on the task of building four houses in the Koonibba Community. They brought on Richard and Peter to lighten the load, who began labouring and painting work.  

EyrePlus have supported Richard and Peter in stepping into this work by maintaining regular contact, offering work advice, and supplying protective equipment and work clothes when needed.  

Working regularly, their day-to-day tasks painting fascias, posts and skirting boards for the houses. Their skills are constantly developing, and Richard and Peter reported that they have fit in very well with the rest of the team.

“It’s amazing how far their skills have come,” said Nat, EyrePlus Employment Consultant.

“Richard and Peter have both developed amazing skills and solid respect from the builders.”

With future projects in the work, this opportunity provides the potential to obtain future employment with the employer in other Communities within the Region. Richard and Peter have said they would be very happy to take part in future projects.  

The EyrePlus team looks forward to seeing where Richard and Peter’s skills will take them in the future. 

About the Community Development Program (CDP)

CDP is an Employment program for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to achieve sustainable employment outcomes by strengthening skills, addressing barriers and contributing to their communities through a range of flexible work-like activities.  

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