EyrePlus supervisors from Ceduna, Yalata and Oak Valley come together for professional development training
From left to right (back): Russell – Yalata, Wayne – Oak Valley, Phil – Ceduna, Susan – EyrePlus , Darryl – Ceduna
From left to right (front): Deb – Yalata, Sheree – Ceduna

At EyrePlus, we work to ensure that our supervisors and staff continue to learn and develop so that we can provide our participants with the best support.

Last week saw our supervisors from Oak Valley, Ceduna, Koonibba and Yalata, engage in Professional Development Training.

Part of the training involved our supervisors sharing exciting and meaningful strategies relating to their respective communities.

All our supervisors took away valuable knowledge from the training that will benefit our participants, as well as the overall communities involved.

The training covered several important topics, including skills and knowledge enhancement and finding ways to better support our participants who may be experiencing barriers to employment.

This training day was an exciting opportunity for our supervisors to come together and discuss the exciting projects we have in store within our Community Development Activity groups.

Watch this space as we continue to roll out engaging and effective ways to support our communities!