Matthew from Ceduna Machinery standing alongside EyrePlus post placement support officer Megan receiving a certificate inside Ceduna Toyota
From left to right: Matthew from Ceduna Machinery, and EyrePlus Post Placement Support Officer, Megan.

Recently, our team at EyrePlus visited our friends at Ceduna Machinery to celebrate our ongoing partnership and mutual interest in creating employment opportunities. 

At EyrePlus, we believe it’s important to reward and recognise businesses and community leaders who share our commitment to building up the community.

For this reason, we awarded Ceduna Machinery with a certificate to commemorate and acknowledge their dedication to creating jobs for those who otherwise may be overlooked. 

Ceduna Machinery is a partnership we’re proud to have nurtured, with us successfully securing a 12-week employer outcome.

We are also proud to have also placed one of our dedicated Community Development Program participants with this favourable Australian car dealership.

With an outstanding 26-week outcome, not only have we integrated someone into fulfilling employment, but we’ve built a strong relationship with a well-loved local business.

As a company that values local for local, we work with the team beyond just recruitment as we purchase our staff cars from Ceduna Toyota.

Without this generous collaboration, our dedicated Employment Consultants would not be able to do their job!

The vehicles are a huge asset, as they allow us to reach participants who are further out or unable to travel.

We want to thank everyone at Ceduna Machinery for their continued dedication to providing employment opportunities for our participants and the overall community.