EyrePlus Ceduna Community Development Program (CDP) participants, Gary and Kris, are a power couple unlike any other.

With their strong values and passion for helping others, Gary and Kris are well known in the community for their leadership and commitment to supporting other locals.

The well-loved couple are volunteers with the SA Ambulance and have been engaging in SA Ambulance Volunteer Training since July 2019. Additionally, they are currently undergoing training to become Drivers of Regional Ambulances.

Gary and Kris are continuing to grow their strengths, both within the program and in their external volunteer work. Gary is now working towards taking up extra hours as a Remote Pastor for the Uniting Church, and Kris to becoming a more qualified SA Ambulance Volunteer.

We’re extremely proud of Gary and Kris, and their ability to go above and beyond the work they do as CDP participants.

They both have such great leadership and mentoring skills, and we’re looking forward to seeing them achieve their employment goals together.

Further Information

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