Trying to find your place in the world is no small task, and it’s made so much easier when you have a support network around you. Ceduna local Kane was searching for an opportunity he could see a future in, and he found just that when he connected with EyrePlus.

Kane started working with the EyrePlus team in January 2020, excited to look for new opportunities. After connecting with Emily and Jessica from the Community Development Program (CDP) at EyrePlus, it was straight to business to help Kane achieve his goals. Within this program, Kane regularly worked with an employment consultant to build his skills and participate in activities with the goal of finding sustainable work.

EyrePlus assisted Kane with all the necessary steps of the job-searching process. This included helping him obtain all needed identification and preparing him in areas such as finance and tax information. The overall goal was to equip Kane with all the tools he would need to independently manage his employment journey.

Kane consistently worked with the team to build up his skillset and look out for opportunities that piqued his interest, until the right opportunity came into view.

Kane had been volunteering at a local tyre workshop, Ceduna New and Used Tyres. By showing up and giving his best effort while volunteering, it’s safe to say he impressed owner Bill, who offered him a paid position in May 2022.

“He proved himself to be reliable and efficient, and was offered a formal position.”

Emily, EyrePlus CDP Pathway Service Coordinator.

While this was undoubtedly a huge win for Kane and EyrePlus, it certainly wasn’t the end of the team’s efforts. To get Kane fully trained up and ready for work, he was guided through completing all of his employment paperwork, with EyrePlus  purchasing work-appropriate PPE for Kane, and he was set up with regular monthly appointments with Emily to keep track of his progress and any needs that may arise.

Several months into his new work, Kane and his boss Bill decided it was time to take his work to the next level, and with EyrePlus’s help, enrolled him in a Wheel Alignment Course. This course was run in Adelaide over three days in November 2022 and cemented a lot of the ideas Kane had already become familiar with. With this opportunity to progress, Kane has had even more possibilities open up to him at the Ceduna New and Used Tyres.

Kane’s participation in the course was a huge success, with all parties sharing how much the training had supported his skill development and fueled the growing fire for his work.

Kane has now been employed for nine months and is looking forward to taking on more responsibilities and duties at work with his new skillset, increasing efficiency and quality of work.

“I have already lost count of how many wheel alignments I have completed since December. It’s really good when I am out and about in Ceduna, I have customers come up to me saying they are happy with my results.”


Already hearing positive feedback from members of the public, it seems like Kane’s transition into this role has had a lasting effect on not just himself, but the people around him.

With the team at EyrePlus, Bill from Ceduna New and Used Tyres, and the Ceduna Community behind him, we’re excited to see where Kane’s future takes him. Keep up the great work Kane!  

About the Community Development Program (CDP)

CDP is an Employment program for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to achieve sustainable employment outcomes by strengthening skills, addressing barriers and contributing to their communities through a range of flexible work-like activities.  

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