Introducing Shae Haseldine, Ceduna’s newest and most customer-centric personal trainer!

As part of our Business Incubator Pilot (BIP), EyrePlus had the privilege of assisting Shae with establishing Shae Haseldine Fitness.

From the get-go, it was obvious that Shae possessed not only the technical expertise, but the interpersonal skills need to excel in the highly competitive health and fitness field.

Shae’s new business offers personalised training to individuals and small groups looking to achieve their health and fitness goals by gaining motivation, improving skills, and developing strength.

As a self-proclaimed ‘fitness freak’, Shae has the ability to understand the challenges his clients face as they strive to achieve their goals.

“The way to achieve a client’s goal is to develop personal connections.

“The better I understand their individual health and fitness challenge, the more I can figure out how best to reach them,” Shae said.

Having worked with EyrePlus’ Small Business Mentor Darwin for two months, Shae was able to develop a solid business and financial plan through market research, data intelligence, goals, strategies and tactics.

As a result, Shae has an established client base that is growing steadily. He has also been contracted to deliver services to Yadu Health’s health and wellbeing program and is expanding into the digital world to deliver personalised online training.

Looking to the future, Shae has plans to establish a dedicated gymnasium, with EyrePlus assisting his proposal to gain additional funding.

EyrePlus would like to congratulate Shae on his achievements and wish him every success in his new business ventures.

About the Business Incubator Program (BIP)

The BIP is tailored towards Indigenous Australians seeking business support or personalised advice to develop and launch their business ideas. 

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