EyrePlus, along with the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation has commenced an exciting new project, providing participants from the Community Development Program (CDP) with the opportunity to gain some fantastic workshop, manufacturing and engineering experience as they kickstart the Off-Road Buggy Project.  

The project came about by group conversations with Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation CDP Youth Supervisor Peni Ligadua (Ben) and EyrePlus participants from the Community Development Program (CDP). 

To gain a helping hand, the team approached a company in WA that builds kits and supplies a complete set of plans to create a buggy. The team was keen to construct the buggy themselves and purchased a book of plans to work off and kickstart the project to learn more about engineering and its mechanics.  

The buggy the team have selected is a Sidewinder Plus single-seat side-mounted motorbike engine with a capacity of 650cc.  

CDP participants who are part of our Woodwork Activity decided to lend a hand and build a heavy-duty workbench for the youth group. All the construction for this project could occur efficiently in an ideal workshop setting. 

The Youth Supervisor then arranged with a local sheet metal shop proprietor to conduct a tour with his participants to understand how steel construction works. The proprietor (Bingo) also spoke to the lads about how you get into a sheet metal apprenticeship and what industries employ people with these skills.  

The Sidewinder booklet arrived, and construction commenced. The participants requested we print off some posters of the buggy and mount them above the workbench, so they are inspired to complete the project.  

They have been learning geometry for frame construction, welding, grinding and engineering. Once the frame is complete, they’ll purchase a second-hand motorcycle engine and rebuild it. 

We wish the team every success in this project and looking forward to seeing the result and the engine running! 

Photos: Supplied by Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation 

Community Development Program (CDP)

EyrePlus is bringing local experience and knowledge to deliver the Community Development Program (CDP) proudly supported by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

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