As an experienced business manager with over 10 years’ experience, Darwin has assisted many people in starting and growing their successful small businesses.

With an MBA in Innovation and New Ventures and several management and training qualifications, Darwin has a particular interest in guiding participants to develop strong and successful business models. He does this by focusing on how each business model component works to ensure a successful customer experience.

“To cut a long-story short, while undertaking my own professional development, I found myself helping other participants, first during the classes, then lunch breaks, and then the institution gave me a classroom to work from.

“Before the course had ended, I had a job. Since then, even while running my own businesses, I have found ways to indulge in this passion,” Darwin shared.

As a business mentor, Darwin’s expertise provides participants with tools to help their business move into the next level of success by acting as a sounding board, developing marketing strategies, and implementing profit and cash flow planning.

“Helping someone discover a pearl that makes a difference to their business and quite often their life is very hard to beat – the excitement in their eyes is hard to turn away from.

“I’m currently working with six people on their business ideas and helping to transition a Community Development activity into an Income Generating Activity where job seekers share in the income.

“I’m also working with Iluka Resources, FWCAC, and other organisations to streamline the way we help people to develop their business ideas and to access support services and funding,” Darwin said.

From a personal perspective, coming to EyrePlus created an opportunity for Darwin to apply his skills and passion in a synergistic way.

“As a New Zealand Māori living in Australia, I have long wanted to help Aboriginal people in a meaningful way.

“This position gives me an opportunity to do that. I get to help local people and communities and do so on magnificent Country,” Darwin said.

“Getting to know and earn the trust of people comes first. Sometimes that happens quickly, but mostly it takes time – trust first, help second.”

Working with Darwin as part of EyrePlus’ Business Incubator can help make your business dream a reality – participants can be their own boss while doing what they love and contributing to their community.