austroads learning to drive tests kits

While operating in the beautiful Eyre Peninsula has its perks, it often means that many of our job seekers are located in remote areas.

If you live in a remote area, then you’ll know firsthand that having a reliable way to get from A to B, is fairly essential.

Through our services, we noticed that many of our participants shared a common goal of obtaining their license, in order to help progress and elevate their pathway to employment.

So, in order to best assist our participants who live in remote areas, and who do not have their license, EyrePlus has developed a positive partnership with On the Right Track, an Aboriginal Road Safety and Drivers License Program, to assist jobseekers in achieving this goal.

In recent weeks, our EyrePlus team has worked closely with On The Right Track, and we’re excited to finally deliver and roll out their resources to our eager Community Development Program Participants.

austroads learning to drive booklets

The EyrePlus team envisage that these new driving resources will be a great asset, especially as the weather continues to heat up.

Our lucky participants will now have the opportunity to engage in hidden learning Licence preparation by utilising these amazing resources.

We can’t wait to see our participants reach their goals thanks to this new partnership, as we continue to work towards assisting not just our participants, but the overall community.