Today EyrePlus has officially launched services to deliver the Foundation Skills for Your Future Remote Community Pilot. EyrePlus will deliver foundation English Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital literacy (LLND) skills, training and assessment for this new pilot program.

In the lead up to the launch of this program, our team have been busy organising Co-Design workshops in Ceduna and outlying Aboriginal Communities in the Far West region of South Australia, which has been well-received across our community.

These workshops aim to improve areas of learning people are particularly interested in, including developing computer skills and enhancing their reading and writing skills.

Through the various services of this pilot program for learners and our consultation with community members, we have identified connections to services that require further additional assistance for learners through the help of our team.

We can also assist learners in obtaining 100 points of ID to allow learners to sit for their driver’s licence, connecting to Centrelink services, obtaining a proof of age card to enable air travel and various other services that all require identification.

Communities have willingly provided suitable learning spaces to run services for this program. These spaces offer a space that learners have a connection to and feel comfortable in attending which provide convenient amenities to ensure we follow and adhere to Covid 19 rules and guidelines.

To date, EyrePlus has enrolled over 100 learners for this program. Learners are looking forward to beginning improving their skills across the core learning areas of this program.

We are excited to commence our delivery of this pilot program to enhance people’s lives in so many ways.

About Foundation Skills for Your Future Remote Community Pilot

EyrePlus are delivering the South Australia Pilot in partnership with the Ceduna, Yalata, Koonibba, Oak Valley (Maralinga Tjarutja) and Scotdesco communities in the Far West region of South Australia.

EyrePlus is working with Australian Employment and Training Solutions Pty Ltd (AETS) to deliver the South Australia Pilot.

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