The Yalata Community is very proud to see local community member Cameron Bridley join the EyrePlus team as an Engagement Officer for the Foundation Skills for Your Future Remote Community Pilot which EyrePlus now delivers across the Far West region of South Australia.

This employment opportunity came from the Yalata community involved in identifying the Pilot’s needs during Co-Design workshops and program development. Cameron has been a dedicated and committed Community member throughout this process, assisting the program’s Training Coordinator based in Yalata.

Cameron has helped in the Co-Design process by trialling resources designed and developed by Community Leaders and members across the Far West region of South Australia and encouraging Yalata Community members to become involved.

Cameron has diligently worked alongside the RCP Training Coordinator whilst maintaining his Community Development Program (CDP) engagement as a Voluntary Participant. Cameron has also helped the Youth Hub in Yalata engage young people in meaningful activities by setting up and packing up activities, going on camps, hunting, and fishing.

Cameron often has a broom or rake in hand, keeping the Community and learning and activity spaces clean. Cameron’s role as an Engagement Officer includes notifying, mentoring and encouraging Learners of the program to attend their training on required days. He will have laminated photos with him as he travels the Community to check in with Learners. These photos will assist the RCP Trainers to assist Cameron in identifying the Learners expected on that day.

Cameron has some significant challenges that impact his reading, writing and speaking English. These challenges currently have an impact on obtaining a driver’s licence.

At a community gathering on July 1, 2021, Susan Rainbow from EyrePlus presented Cameron with a sturdy, shiny red tricycle. The tricycle will allow Cameron to move around his Community to make contact with Learners independently, safely and more quickly. His new EyrePlus uniform, Helmet and safety vest were a big hit as well.

Cameron was thrilled and overwhelmed on the day. The Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation CEO David White, the Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Council Board Members and the community at large, are so happy for Cameron and incredibly proud that he has gained long-term employment in a position that he can do with confidence. Cameron was onto it early the following day, fully kitted out for a practice run whilst building on his physical fitness.

Full credit must go to Susan Rainbow for initiating this concept as all present on the day thought this to be an excellent idea in helping Cameron move forward in life and reach his full potential.