Since 2021, EyrePlus has been championing the growth of Indigenous small businesses in remote communities through the Business Incubator Program pilot. Now, as of July 1, 2024, we have successfully concluded this transformative program and are eager to celebrate its remarkable impact and the trailblazing ventures it has nurtured. 

The program supported and guided participants in developing and launching their business ideas, focusing on building financial literacy and vital business skills. Our team guided participants to understand how each aspect of business model works to ensure a successful business and customer service experience. 

Participants that took part in the program received business coaching, mentoring and relevant business training that covered back-end administrative services such as bookkeeping, regulatory requirements and licensing. They also learned how to access business funding and financial support. 

Additionally, the participants were coached through the product development phase of establishing their businesses including tasks such as branding, product design and testing, intellectual property, and marketing strategies and tactics. 

Here are some of our success stories from the Business Incubator Program pilot:

Shae Haseldine Fitness 

EyrePlus participant Shae received support for his new business, Shae Haseldine Fitness, which was offering personalised training to individuals and small groups looking to achieve their health and fitness goals by gaining motivation, improving skills, and developing strength. 

With help from EyrePlus’ Business Incubator Pilot, Shae was able to develop a robust business and financial plan through market research, data intelligence, set business goals, implemented strategies to achieve these goals.

Ceduna Women’s Group 

Under the guidance of community mentors Elaine and Ruby, job seekers in Tjutjuna Weena Mooga (the Ceduna Women’s Group) hand-crafted accessories featuring unique Aboriginal designs.   

The Ceduna Women’s Group worked with EyrePlus to establish their work as an Income Generating Activity (AGI), allowing the women to produce and sell items. This initiative led to the expansion of their business and the successful production of sale-ready goods, leading to frequent purchases, providing an income stream for the participants.

West Coast Autos 

Ceduna local Peter received support from EyrePlus in getting his family-oriented automotive business, West Coast Autos, up and running. 

Through EyrePlus, West Coast Autos received support in securing local grants, sourcing equipment and signage, and completing the electrical fit-out for the shop. EyrePlus also arranged local training for his team, and guided Peter through hiring and training apprentices to build his team, which eventually led to immense growth of his business over the years.

Eyreplus General Manager Eva Theodosiou commented on the success of the program,

“June 30th, 2024 marks the successful completion of the Business Incubator Program (BIP) pilot contract for EyrePlus, which spanned from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2024. 

During the pilot period, BIP made significant strides in fostering entrepreneurial growth within our community. EyrePlus are proud to report that multiple businesses assisted through the program are currently trading successfully. BIP’s legacy of empowerment and community development will continue to inspire future initiatives.”

Thank you to everyone who contributed their efforts to supporting the Business Incubator Program pilot throughout its duration, including staff, participants, community, and support services. EyrePlus is grateful to have had the opportunity to support the growth of local businesses, and we will continue to grow our community through our continued service of the Community Development Program.